Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not so sweet 15!

My nephew Jordan just turned 15 which had me thinking errr.... WHAT?!! How did my cute little blonde nephew who was watching Spongebob squarepants and playing his gameboy suddenly turn into a huge lump with size 13 feet and a laptop?! Crazy stuff! Nonetheless, such an occassion called for some yummy cupcakes and what better than Jordan's personal fave of Banana Cupcakes with real Maple Syrup Buttercream decorated with handmade sugar stars and '15' plaques. There were a few cakes left on this stand when I left the party but, judging by the circling gaggle of huge 15 year old boys,I don't think they will have lasted long!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy Critters

It's not often I get asked to make cupcakes for a 7 year old boy's birthday but I just love it when something like this comes along. The extremely bright and adorable Deakin decided on 'Critter cupcakes' for his 7th birthday gala. Not just any critters mind you, but a precise selection of yummy lolly insects including dragonflies, spiders (of course), butterflies and caterpillars. The cakes themselves were deliciously simple Vanilla Sponge Cupcakes with Red Vanilla Buttercream frosting and Classic Chocolate Cupcakes with Blue Vanilla Buttercream frosting. All were decorated with an assortment of lollies and piped milk chocolate for big 7 year old grins.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Itty Bitty Cakes

I was really thrilled to be asked to make mini versions of two of my favourite cupcake designs knowing that they would look so cute in mini and taste great together. The lovely Ivon made such gorgeous selections for her birthday soiree that I knew the cupcake tower would look delightfully elegant and girly. These are miniture versions of the 'Diamonds and Pearls Cupcake'- White Chocolate Mud Cupcake with Vanilla and Rosewater Buttercream frosting decorated with handmade sugar 'pearls and diamonds' and the Flourless Orange Cupcake with Citrus Cream Cheese frosting decorated with a handmade sugar petunia and sugar crystals.